Alienweeds : The Invasive Species Harvest

Invasive species

Center for Invasive Plant Management
Invasive species distribution maps


An ethnobotanical database


A Brooklyn, NY, supplier of materials, information, workshops and high-end Hollander beaters
Compact. lightweight Hollander beaters
Handmade moulds and deckles


David Bull's Encyclopedia of Woodblock Printmaking


McLean Project for the Arts
Greater Reston Arts Center
Eating invasive species
Pyramid Atlantic Art Center
Morgan Conservatory, papermaking, book arts and letterpress printing
Hand Papermaking magazine, newsletter and artist registry
An international organization of hand papermakers
The Chesapeake Chapter of the American Printing History Association


An affordable digital router
Woody plant puller


Nancy Lewis, artist, gardener, blogger
Holly Clark Coburn, poems and animal portraits
Timothy Frerichs, artist
Lynn Cazabon, artist; associate professor of photography at UMBC
Steve Young, non-native-weed whacker
Chris Manson, illustrator, letterpress printer
Helen Frederick, artist, curator, educator, founder of Pyramid Atlantic
Val Lucas, illustrator, letterpress printer
April Vollmer, moku hanga (Japanese woodblock prints)
Nancy Basket, products made from Kudzu

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